Being a member of Ponderosa has its privileges. These extend not only to golf but also to the entire gamut of its offerings.

Except for social term memberships which do not include golf, members can look forward to a lifestyle experience not too far from home and at anytime.

Term Membership

Membership Rates
Individual Social
Term Membership - 360 days
RM 1,299.00 nett *
Family Social
Term Membership
RM 2,000.00 nett *
Corporate Social
Term Membership
RM 12,000.00 nett *
Individual Golf
Term Membership
RM 2,900.00 nett *
Family Golf
Term Membership
RM 3,900.00 nett *
Leisure Season Pass
Term Membership - 3 months
RM 400.00 nett *
Annual pass/Weekday only AM/PM RM 1,800.00 nett *
After 5/Weekday only PM RM 788.00 nett *

* Inclusive of 12 month Subscriptions

Contact Ms Nurhanis (Account Department) at (07) 3549999 Ext. 280